Rules and Regulations

Updated January 2019

Rules and regulations are to safeguard life and property and to insure the orderly operation of the Marina. The word, “MARINA” used herein, indicates St. Paul Watergate Marina and/or its agents or representatives. The “BOAT OWNER” used herein, indicates the owner of a boat legally within the Marina. Boat slips are an seasonal contract within the Marina so there is no guarantee that the slip will be available to you next year.

1. Every boat owner shall read this document in its entirety, sign the Acknowledgement of compliance form on page 5 and return that form to the marina manager before the owner’s boat can be launched or allowed into the marina. Enforcement of Rules and Regulations are as follows:
a. First Violation will result in a verbal warning – incident must be cured and remedied within one week – documentation recorded in customer file.
b. Second Violation of uncured incident or repeat of first incident will result in a written warning and must be cured or remedied no later than two weeks from incident. Documentation will be recorded in customers file.
c. If incident is stilled uncured and/or not remedied this will be grounds for forfeiture of Watergate Marina privileges & services and will be asked to vacate the premises. All monies prepaid to Watergate Marina will be forfeited. Documentation will be recorded in customers file.
2. NON ASSIGNABILITY: BOAT OWNER shall not assign, sublet, sublease, encumber or otherwise transfer all or any of his/her interest in this agreement. This agreement shall automatically terminate on sale or other transfer of above described boat. If the boat is sold during the lease period there will be a transfer fee of $250.00 for change of ownership of boat or to move to a different slip during season, plus a difference of slip fees for the different slip cost. There will be NO REFUNDS.
3. INSURANCE: BOAT OWNER agrees to carry sufficient all risk insurance and public liability insurance ($500,000 minimum) along with property damage insurance and agrees to supply Marina with a copy of insurance policy. MARINA may require a current survey.
4. CHANGE IN DOCKAGE OR STORAGE FACILITIES LOCATION: This agreement is for General Dockage/Storage facilities and does not entitle BOAT OWNER to the use of any specific area. MARINA reserves the right to transfer the location of the boat during dockage and or storage when such a move is deemed necessary by MARINA. Such a service will be at the BOAT OWNER’S expense.
5. NOTICE: It is the BOAT OWNER’S responsibility to inform MARINA of any change of address/telephone number, etc.. Until so informed, any notice mailed by MARINA to above address shall be deemed sufficient and be deemed given at time notice is mailed.
6. If you wish to have an OUTSIDE MAINTENANCE SERVICE make repairs to your boat while it is moored or stored at Watergate Marina BOAT OWNER will be subject to a fee of 10% of work performed and OUTSIDE MAINTENANCE SERVICE and BOAT OWNER must:
a. Provide the marina with an insurance policy that has liability coverage in the amount of $3,000,000 in property damage.
b. Include the Marina as a “named insured” on the maintenance service’s insurance policy.
c. Notify the Marina every time a maintenance service enters Marina to do business by reporting to the Marina Office. Perform all work during normal Marina business hours.
d. It is the BOAT OWNER’S responsibility that his/her maintenance service meet this criteria. Any non-compliance will be deemed as a violation of rules by the BOAT OWNER.
7. In the event of an emergency, the Marina will attempt to take necessary measures to prevent damage of property or to correct possible hazards, the cost of which will be charged to the BOAT OWNER.
8. All Boats stored on land that block other boats or are located in Land N Launch or Vehicle Parking areas must have a launch or move scheduled prior to Memorial Day.
9. All BOAT OWNERs must provide the Marina with a set of main door hatch keys and ignition keys before the boat season begins. The boat will only be entered by the Marina for emergency service, otherwise only with the authority of the BOAT OWNER.
10. All boats shall be secured in their berths with adequate lines and in a manner acceptable to the Marina. In the event of inadequate securing of the boat, the Marina will provide lines to adequately secure the boat and assess a service fee.
11. Boats must be tied in such a way that NOTHING (bow, pulpit, etc.) protrudes over the main dock walkway! A $10.00 charge will be assessed for retying your boat.
12. The Marina prohibits the use of any boat covering other than the following:
a. Shrink Wrap
b. Custom fitted canvas
c. Marina management approved enclosure
13. The Marina prohibits refueling, including diesel fuel, within the Marina property, except at the gas dock. There shall be no gas on docks or carried to or from boats.
14. Boats in the wrong slip will be towed to their assigned slip or hauled out of the water and a service charge will be assessed.
15. NO ALLOTMENTS: Max one (1) boat per slip. Anything that floats must have an assigned location. Attached dinghies will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
16. All boats shall be operated at closed throttle (NO WAKE) in the harbor and obey posted NO WAKE ZONES at all times.
17. Boat owners shall not store supplies, materials, accessories or debris on any dock walkway, and shall not construct thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets, or similar structures, except with the approval of the Marina Management.
18. Utilities and services located on the dock are property of Watergate Marina or the appropriate utility company. The freshwater supply is from a common well and is to be considered “Non-Potable – Do Not use for Drinking Water.”
19. Painting, sanding, scraping, or repairing of gear is not permitted in the water and only in approved areas within the Marina. Any mess created while working on boats in the storage area must be cleaned up DAILY. No supplies, wood, parts, etc. shall be stored on the ground or on the docks. The Marina will clean up materials in violation and assess a clean-up fee at $95.00/hr, minimum 1 hour.
20. Pets in the marina must be on a leash no more than 6ft in length and picked up after immediately per city ordinance. Failure to comply will result in the following Watergate Marina cost:
a. 1st offense, $50.00 fine
b. 2nd offense, $100.00 fine
c. 3rd offense, $250.00 fine
d. Additional penalties may occur from violation of City Ordinance
21. The Boat Owner agrees to comply with and have his boat conform to all Federal, State and local laws and ordinances and all regulations of any department thereof.
22. All boats with heads must have a marine toilet system that is certified and meets current Federal, MN State Law 361.29 Subd. 1-6. Which states ALL HEADS MUST HAVE A HOLDING TANK, AND DISCHARGE OF HOLDING TANKS MUST BE DONE AT AN ON LAND PUMP OUT SITE! Any discharge of toilet/holding tanks in the harbor or river is a revocation of your slip privileges.
23. Advertising or soliciting is not recommended on any boat within the Marina. Neither the boat nor the Marina address may be used for business purposes without specific written approval of the Marina Management. FOR SALE signs are an invitation to board your boat.
24. Purchasing a larger boat that does not meet the size requirements of your current slip does not automatically assure you a larger slip ahead of those already on the waiting list. A $250.00 deposit will be required by Boat Owner and Boat Owner’s name will be put on waiting list for the correct size slip. Every effort will be made to accommodate Boat Owners, but it would be advisable to review your specifications with the Marina Management prior to the purchase of a larger boat so that your present or possible new slip location is resolved.
25. When a Boat Owner expects to have his/her boat out of a slip for an extended period, 48 hours or more, he/she shall so notify the Marina Management in advance of the dates so Marina my lease the slip temporarily during this period. Help us keep the costs of the slips down by notifying us of slip availability for transients.
26. Swimming is not permitted anywhere in the Marina harbor.
27. No fishing will be allowed in Marina, not off banks, docks or walkways.
28. No charcoal fires or open fires of any kind will be allowed on docks or boats while moored in the Marina.
29. Boat owners are responsible for any and all damage to Watergate Marina Property (docks, vehicles, buildings, etc.) that is caused by themselves, their boat or any of their guests.
30. The boat owner assumes all risk of damage to any property moved in, upon, or stored in the leased premises by it from any cause whatever.
31. The Boat Owner agrees to assume all liability for damages to property in or upon the leases premises occasioned by act of omissions of it’s agents, servants, employees or invitees and to hold the Marina harmless of and from all damages, or claims thereof, for any and all injuries to the Boat Owner, it’s agents, servants, employees or invitees received on the leased premises from any cause whatever, and to indemnify and hold harmless of and from all damages or claim therefore for all injuries to the Marina, or otherwise, received on the leased premises and occasioned by any negligent acts or omissions of the Boat Owner or it’s agents, servants, employees or invitees.
32. Rules may be posted or revised by the Marina during the course of the season.
33. Any trailer stored at the Marina must be kept in the area provided by Marina and clearly marked with the Boat Owner’s name on the frame and must have a license plate on trailer at all times. Boat Owner must also provide Marina Management with a boat trailer key if applicable. A $20.00 fee will be assessed for identifying an unmarked trailer or a trailer without a license plate. The Marina will put your trailer into storage in spring and haul out in fall at the trailer storage fee of $200.00, paid before boating season. Additional handling, pulling it out or putting back in by the Marina staff will be done for an additional fee. Trailers will not be pulled out of storage or taken out of trailer storage by Boat Owner on Saturday or Sundays. Boat Owner will call on or before Friday of week to inquire about trailer removal.
34. A speed limit of 10 mph is in effect in the Marina lot at all times.
35. Two cars per slip will be issued parking passes (window stickers), display pass on a drivers side window. Guest parking is only allowed inside security gate with a daily parking pass received and dated from the front desk.
36. The Marina does not allow extra cars to be stored at Marina. This means any vehicle left for more than 48 hours, without Marina Management permission, will be considered stored, and will be towed at Boat Owner’s expense.
37. All invoices are due on date of billing, and on or before the beginning of Dryland storage/Boat Slip. Accounts are considered past due when not paid within 15 days of invoice; there will be an 18% interest charge assessed on past due accounts. Any account that is past due will have all charge privileges revoked and discounts removed until payments are up to date. Accounts 45 days past due will be dry- docked, slip will be revoked (if applicable), and a storage rate will accrue at $50.00 per day. Past due accounts result in a statutory lien in favor of the Marina. Past due accounts exceeding 90 day will be scheduled for a Sheriffs Sale pursuant to Minnesota State Statutes 514.18-514.21.
38. If boat slip was revoked, and once account is paid in full, Boat Owner will need to pay a $250.00 deposit and be put on waiting list for future slip.
39. Bounced Check fee – any check that is returned for any reason will incur a $50 fee and need to be paid to get account back into good standing.
40. Quiet hours are as follows at Marina:
a. Sunday through Thursday 10:00 pm – 8:00am (next day)
b. Friday and Saturday 11:00 pm – 9:00am (next day)
c. From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, work that is to be performed on the docks should be done Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm.
d. Please confine all activities to inside your boat, keep noise from electronic devices and conversations at reasonable levels. Please respect your neighbors!
41. Any infraction of the above or posted rules and regulations of the Marina by the Boat Owner will be noted in the Boat Owner’s file and could be grounds for cancellation of this contract upon 10 days notice and the Boat Owner must remove his/her boat.

Acknowledgement of compliance:

I, (print name) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­hereby acknowledge that I have read the list of rules and regulations for Watergate Marina and agree to follow them accordingly from this day forward.