• Over 31 miles of cruising in pool #2 alone not including the 27 miles you can cruise up the Minnesota River. In addition, you can head upstream and lock through Lock #1, Upper and Lower St. Anthony locks and gain an additional 10 miles of beautiful cruising.
  • Multiple areas to beach your boat and enjoy your surroundings. (More being discovered all the time)
  • Local park trails running through the marina and up and down the river provide hours of relaxing walking, biking, or jogging.
  • Closest marina to downtown Minneapolis (only 9 miles) and only 6 miles from downtown St. Paul.
  • Landscaped fire pit area overlooking the river for customers to congregate around in the evenings.
  • Fishing up and down this stretch of the river is excellent (of course no fishing in the harbor).
  • ¬†Magnolia Blossom cruise boat for private rental.
  • Boating opportunities only limited by your imagination.